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About Propell Action

Propell Action is a digital solutions company led and managed by Professionals who are passionate about solving business problems and driving business growth with data driven approach and analytical mindset. Our targeted digital solutions in the field of digital growth and operations transformation supported by growth advisory services help our clients to take the digital path to grow and transform their business in a gradual manner. We make it more subtle but highly effective with a people focused change management.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals passionate about solving business problems and driving business growth. We are digital growth strategists, transformation experts, and trusted advisors for marketing and branding needs of our clients.

What We Stand For

We stand for Business Growth practicing management by objective in everything we do. Interestingly we have just one objective: Our clients’ success and their end customers’ delight. We align solutions to this objective and deliver in time.

What We Value

We value our clients’ time and money. No wonder we plan solutions with minimalistic approach and offer you exactly what you need and what you are going to use. Above all, we offer you solutions and not just consulting.

Why We Are Here

Technology is a mean to meet your end objective and not the objective itself. We help our clients to plan solutions with minimum technology application but in-line with end business goals, process and people requirement.

Our Story

In 2016, Vivek started DigitalScool to offer Digital Marketing Services to Start-Up companies and Small Businesses ensuring digital marketing knowledge and expertise to businesses, regardless of the size. To extend these services in USA and other developed countries, Vivek started PropelTheory in 2020 in USA. This company also started offering E-Commerce development and marketing services and digital products such as Websites and Mobiles Apps.

In 2022, Vivek and Praveen started Propell Action with help of Prince to offer Digital Growth and Operations Transformation solutions to mid-scale and growth oriented businesses in India and overseas. The idea of offering digital growth and operations transformation under one umbrella germinated from Praveen’s experience of witnessing multiple non-aligned digital projects during his tenure working in large corporates. Today, the company works tirelessly to help clients succeed in digital age aligning their resources and efforts to business goals.

Digital Marketing Services to Start-Ups and Small Businesses in India.

Digital Marketing Services in USA and other developed countries. Also, started offering digital products.

Digital Growth and Operations Transformation Solutions to businesses in India and overseas.

Leadership Team

Vivek Kumar

Vivek is an IIT Delhi alumnus. He started his career with consulting giants TCS and KPMG before taking an entrepreneurial route. He is a Product and Growth Marketing Specialist with a data driven mindset using analytics and automation. He has managed 100+ clients from 12 different countries in a career spanning 14 years. He oftens wears the hat of a ‘Fractional CMO’ for Startups and SMBs

Satyanarayan Dasari

Satyanarayan Dasari is an advertising and branding veteran. With 3 decades under his belt, Satya journeyed through Sales, Marketing, Branding, Writing, Ideation, Creatives and Execution in multiple industries. He has worked with clients such as Tata Capital, HSBC bank etc.

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